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Elderly/Non-Elderly Disabled Waiting List 
is Currently Closed
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The waiting list for the Senior & Disabled Housing Program is currently closed – we are not accepting applications at this time and no date has been chosen for re-opening the waiting list.  When a date has been chosen, this message will change and information will be provided as to how and when to you can submit a pre-application.  Also, notices will be published in the local newspapers one week in advance of the opening date with instructions as to how to apply for housing, and a pre-application will be published in the same papers on the date the waiting list opens. As always you can check this website periodically for changes to the status of this waiting list.

Waiting List Information


MRHP’s Elderly/Non-Elderly Disabled waiting is Closed.

MRHP makes no representation as to when the waiting lists will reopen because it depends upon when current clients leave the programs.

Whenever possible, anticipate the need for housing far in advance and submit an application. All prospective applicants are advised by the MRHP that they can submit multiple applications to other Public Housing Authorities but can only accept one offer for housing assistance.

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