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Milford Redevelopment & Housing Partnership (MRHP)

Resident Only Notifications

Everbridge Phone & Messaging System Form


In 2016, MRHP began the usage of an advanced electronic notification service called Everbridge. Everbridge is a global provider of critical communications and enterprise safety solutions. With the implementation of this notification system, MRHP staff are able to send mass notifications to tenants for various reasons, including but not limited to weather-related issues, maintenance emergencies, inspection notices, Infrastructure upgrades, and other very important reminders. This method allows MRHP staff to get the information to each tenant in a timely manner and will meet the minimum 48-hour advance notice requirement.

As a tenant with MRHP, we ask that each Head of Household and adult household member complete this contact information form anytime your contact information changes. Please make any necessary updates below. This will allow MRHP to stay in communication with you by use of the Everbridge system. We are able to send the notifications by your choice of home phone, cell phone, and/or email address, using either text and/or voice transcripts. Check which methods you prefer.

Please Use to Submit New or
Updated Contact Information




Home Phone #

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Celll Phone #

Email Address

When you receive a notice from MRHP through your preferred method of contact, please acknowledge receipt of the information with the options at the end of the notice.

Thanks for submitting!

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